Michelle Moonshine

Her timbre can be described as incredibly sweet and whimsical, and is yet saturated in feeling that makes you want to stop and listen to every word.

Singer-Songwriter  Michelle Moonshine’s delicate vibrato has a timbre that is reminiscent of a young Emmy Lou Harris. Her signature style of songwriting rhythmically drives home the soulful whim of her unique sound and thoughtful lyricism. The bands authentic, Country-esque Americana twang adds bass and levity to swingingly lush feeling evoked by Moonshine.  Michelle has garnered recruitments from NBC's The Voice in 2014 (to which she turned down after being accepted); and from America's Got Talent in Fall 2015. She regularly performs across the country solo as well as with her band as both a three and four piece- with new member John Davis on electric guitar, lap steel and backup vocals. In the rhythm section is Goose on the drum kit and Bronk on the upright bass, who both have some classical training which adds to the dynamic.