Jessie Davis/DJ Nebraska

This is pop with a tribal vibe, that’s soothing and exciting all at the same time
— The Dutch Guy
There is something for everyone... Ms Davis brings a diverse and highly attractive style and freshness to her art form.
— Jazz Times
  Photo by: Martin Daniel Gabor

Photo by: Martin Daniel Gabor

Based in Brooklyn, Jessie Davis’ eclectic sound is best described as Future Soul. Founding “The Nebraska Jones Experiment” as a one woman show on a subway platform, the project has since culminated into a 4 track EP that represents the eclectic nature of her sound.  Whether performing in one of her many New York residencies, on a festival stage, in the classroom, or behind the turntables djing 90’s throwback booty-shaking dancehall, one thing is clear: Jessie Davis puts her heart and soul into everything she does. An undeniable talent, Jessie’s voice goes from soft and sultry with classic familiarity- to filling every corner of the room with an electric intensity in the skip of a needle.   

 The list of Jessie Davis’ collaborators reads like the liner notes of mix tape for a summer crush, within the span of a decade Jessie had aligned herself with some of the strongest talents in the industry.  Be it a microphone, turntables, or a piano when Jessie Davis steps behind one she demands your attention, taking everyone in the room on a journey through sound.