At HHP we understand that artists* today are totally capable of so many facets of this fast-paced  marketing world, but sometimes you just don’t have time to do every bit of the crazy business.

(And there are a lot of bits.)

We want you to do you, and help you do what you just don't have time for. Stuff like:



Social media marketing







-We get it-

We get it because at HHP we ARE independent artists. We are a company that is proudly founded and run by artists. We started this business because for 15 years we have been doing it all ourselves, and in doing so have really learned what artists today can and can't do for themselves. 

Boy have we learned a lot.

We want to give you the power to pick and choose where you may need a little support without taking anything away from your creative process. 

And that's what we do: 

We support independent artists by believing in them; creating a platform to help them maintain that independence that is affordable, likable, flexible, and propels them to the scope they OUGHT to be.

Shit, we're friends.

*Artists: musicians, designers, dancers, creators, visual artists, hand crafters, visionaries.